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  • 美白牙齒會削弱它們嗎?


    我們都想要一個更明亮的笑容. 但這回避了一個問題[牙齒美白會損害牙釉質嗎?[答案是否定的.雖然有時可能會有副作用,但美白治療對牙釉質是安全的.牙齒美白的過程本質上是牙齒會脫水,這意味著牙齒會變幹.2021 8月1日



    許多人發現,使用小蘇打與過氧化氫的糊劑有助於去除黃牙污漬. 糊狀物應該只含有一湯匙小蘇打和一湯匙過氧化氫. 使用牙膏後,務必徹底漱口.


    如果你看到名人有著潔白,筆直,統一的牙齒,他們很可能有貼面. 與牙齒美白不同,貼面更持久. 使用的資料有多種類型,但陶瓷和複合材料是最常見的類型. 2021 2月3日


    小蘇打可能需要兩到三周的時間來美白牙齒,所以你需要努力完成新的日常工作. 如果你有時間,你應該努力每天使用兩次美白混合物,一次晚上,一次早上,但至少每天一次.


    用兩茶匙過氧化氫漱口液漱口一分鐘,然後吐出. 刷牙後,您可以每天使用四次. 就像用過氧化物刮皮膚一樣,這種過氧化氫漱口液有助於口腔內部的癒合.


    一項研究證實了我們已經知道的一點,那就是一組白色且間隔均勻的牙齒會讓人看起來更有吸引力. 但它也解釋了原因. 這是因為牙齒相當於人類的孔雀尾巴--這是健康和遺傳品質的標誌,旨在幫助選擇配偶.


    我們的布魯克菲爾德患者應該在治療後至少48小時內避免喝咖啡和葡萄酒. 這對保護美白效果至關重要,因為治療後的頭幾天,牙齒通常更多孔,容易染色.


    隨著年齡的增長,牙齒最終會變黃,因為咀嚼和接觸食物和飲料中的酸會導致牙釉質磨損. 隨著年齡的增長,大多數牙齒的琺瑯質會變黃,但當與持久的食物污漬混合時,有些牙齒會呈現灰色.


    不幸的是,專業的牙齒美白並不能永久去除牙齒污漬. 您的牙齒將開始恢復正常,可能需要進行牙齒美白的隨訪. 大多數人大約每隔一個月就美白一次牙齒.


    牙醫或其他牙科專業人員通常只能私下進行牙齒美白,因為這被認為是一種美容治療. 成本各不相同,雷射美白比專業漂白更昂貴.


  • Whisky Knowledge|Whisky Glossary


    Whisky Terminology-A

    -Age (Age)

    Describes the age of the whisky on the bottle, generally referring to the time the youngest original whisky has been specially aged in oak casks.


    Aging in oak barrels is part of the whisky making process.

    -Alcohol (ABV)

    Alcohol by volume (ABV), generally indicated in %. Scotch whisky content should be at least 40%.

    -Amylase (Amylase)

    The glycosylase enzyme that breaks down starch into glucose. clubone好唔好 develop alcohol in a starchy condition, these enzymes must be used to break down the starch contained in cereals into glucose (saccharification). Amylase is an important enzyme in this process.

    -Angel's share (Angel's share)

    The rate at which liquids evaporate in the barrel during the special brewing session of whisky. It is called angel's share.

    Whisky Terminology -B


    Can be interpreted as "maltofdubiousorigins", referring to blended malt whisky, i.e. whisky blended from different distilleries' malt whiskies.


    "Blended whisky" is usually from different ages and distilleries, the raw material is generally a mixture of grain whisky and pure wheat whisky, according to the relevant laws, the content of pure wheat whisky is at least 40%.

    -Bonded whiskey (Bottledinbond)

    American whiskey aging and canning must comply with the provisions of the 1897 bonded storage act, generally, the whiskey needs to be made by the same distillery of the same distillers in the same age, after at least 4 years of aging in bonded warehouses in the regulatory authorities, and then under the supervision of the government to carry out the canning, its alcohol content is generally 50%.

    -Bourbon (Bourbon)

    This is an American-style whiskey. At least 51% of bourbon must be used as the raw material. In order to be approved as a bourbon, it must comply with stringent manufacturing regulations that require distillation methods and special brewing methods. Jack Daniel's, which is often confused, follows another strict "Tennessee whiskey" code, unlike bourbon. In recent years, bourbon does not necessarily refer only to Kentucky.


    Can be interpreted as "200literBourboncask", in Scotch whisky, it is also generally referred to as a 200-liter bourbon barrel.

    -Large barrel (Butt)

    It can be interpreted as "500literSherrycask", which in Scotch whisky generally refers to the volume of 500 liters of oak barrels used for special sherry.

    -Beer (here, "distilled beer")

    Malt is crushed and water is added, enzymes work to extract the flavors and sugars from the grains (saccharification), and yeast is added to the liquid to remove the residue. The sugar is turned into ethanol. This is what is called beer, washing, etc. in the whiskey manufacturing process. In Japan, it is also called moromi, and in the case of whisky, it is a fermented liquid with an alcohol concentration of 7% to 8%. This process is called fermentation or brewing.

    Whiskey Terminology-C

    -Caramel color (Caramel)

    Whisky may have caramel added to maintain a uniform tone. I have heard that it is not intended to give a taste, but experts may not want to.

    -Original cask strength whisky (Caskstrengthwhisky)

    A whisky with alcohol strength removed from a wooden威士忌 香港 of bottling. The opposite is most 40-46 degree bottled whisky, diluted with water.

    -Condensation overconsideration (Chill-Filter)

    Whisky produces oil during the production process and looks cloudy when cooled. This can be removed by cooling the whisky and passing it through a filter. Recently, non-cooling and chill-filtering have become more popular, as it is believed that the oil, called impurities, also affects the overall taste of the whisky.


    A Scotch whisky term that refers to the newly distilled spirit