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  • Learn to dance to do these three...


    Today's weather is simply too hot to bear, without realizing that summer has indeed arrived ~

    As a dancer, years ago everyone was grabbing time with the epidemic, adhere to the daily dance punch card training, to maintain the movement situation, however, because of the epidemic, there are still many students to dance practice to fall behind, today I will share some ways to help you dance progress faster ~


    No review after class, class all for nothing

    Are we all beside such students: at the end of the last class, jumping is not very smooth, but the next class to review, actually jumped very well! In fact, this is because they took the time to practice after class!

    The class is of course to concentrate on learning, but after all, the time 舞蹈表演 is limited, and the teacher will try to make the movements as clear as possible in the class and give the way to everyone.

    If the requirements for their own very high, but also after class to buckle some of the details of the action, which you can easily find in the dance class: some students are slow to learn, maybe this week he is still very difficult on the action, but the next week when you see him again, you feel that the action suddenly became smooth, this is the power of synchronized practice!


    Independent thinking

    In the process of dancing, you may encounter some problems and obstacles, and then you need to know how to overcome it. There will be friends, teachers, who will share their valuable experience with you, or how to complete a movement, method. How to absorb the experience of others to make yourself better? The answer is - to think.

    Independent thinking has another focus, that is, you want to progress, learn to admit mistakes is also a key. How will you progress? Not necessarily you know something new, maybe you are to change the old problems and some wrong understanding. So, you have to think about what is best for you.


    Know how to share

    When you are in the process of learning, you can learn how to teach others on the basis of what you already know, that is, I hope that we learn to share it. Don't hide the method, experience, or knowledge or understanding of dance as a secret.

    If you are a dancer who knows how to dance, and you are a great dancer, but no one knows it in the circle you live in, they will not appreciate you, so we have to learn to share it.